Problems adding a mysql domain

Hello all,

I have had an account for almost two years now and I have finally started to actually create my site. For some reason I never actually initially set up my database on here so now I am at that point. On other sites I have created, this is typically pretty easy and I am sure it is with Dreamhost as well it is just something I may not be used to.

Anyway I created a new database and didn’t have any hostnames created to use so I added one around 10:00 EST last night. The problem I am having is that the hostname is not showing up under the myql server section in manage MySql.

I tried creating another one and that isn’t showing up either. I am able to access myphpadmin through the url that was provided when I originally created the database. That url however wasn’t and I am not able to access it that way yet.

If I were to create a new database the two hostnames that I created are available options to select so I know that dreamhost has them.

My question are:
Is it just taking awhile for the hostname to propagate?

I am assuming the url to access phpmyadmin is going to be where hostname is the hostname I created and domain is the domain of my site?

I am building my site using php and I usuall access a database a certain way using localhost as the hostname. Here it is a little different I would assume in order to connect to the database here I would use the same thing to connect to the sql server here as as I would to access the database in a web browser, meaing

I have created a table in the database and the code works on my computer but when I uploaded the actual pages to my site I receive the following error: Unknown MySQL server host.
The only thing that is changing between my computer and the server is the host of the mysql server so what am I doing wrong? or is it taking longer then expected to propagate the hostname?

Please any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.

as an update I tried creating a new hostname again and I receive the following message afterwords:

Your MySQL hostname “.**.com” was successfully added!

This new hostname may not be reflected on this page for several minutes.

It may take a few hours before it works on the entire Internet as DNS re-propagates.

Every hostname I have created has not shown up yet; however, it does show up in the drop down list if I wanted to create a new database.

nevermind all is good now, the three hostnames I created have finally shown up, however it is odd that it took this long.