Problems acesssing site

Hi, I have a problem:
All my files are uploading ok, but I can’t access them through IExplorer,

I can only see them through DreamWeaver.

what is happening?

I can even see the files from phpBB Forum within DreamWeaver. But when it comes to IE, no way, I got an 404 error!!

Thanks a lot for the help!

Accessing with my browser shows the directory to be empty. Are you sure you are placing the files in the relevant directory? They should be placed in the directory with the same name as the domain (in this case


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I just checked your website, and I am able to see the directory with no files listed.
When ftping, you will find your web address listed twice.
So when you log in to your ftp account you will see a folder called All your files must be in that folder in order for the public to view your web site.
Your main page needs to be named index.html, this allows browsers to automatically display that file instead of the directory.
Hope this helps,