Problems accessing files in DreamObjects buckets

Have been using DreamObjects almost a year with no noticeable issues.

But, for several days now, (maybe a bit longer since last week), intermittently through out the day over sometimes short time periods & other times prolonged time periods.
** Happening again currently as i post this.

Receiving time out errors and or 503 Service Unavailable errors repeatedly when (web) accessing the files in buckets.

Have 3 main buckets that supply content to several Activeworlds virtual worlds. (uses standard http requests). File access can be several files at a time, or several hundred files if user’s first visit to one of the virtual worlds.

Currently & for last couple days, at times 20% to 40% of the file accesses time out, at other times 100% of the file accesses time out, then later all file access is fine for a while.

When this is occurring, checking individual file access in Firefox web browser is where i see the 503 Service Unavailable messages, and the files will (randomly) load 1 time in 10 sequential attempts.

Sooooo, is anyone else noticing intermittent time outs or 503 errors with DreamObjects file accesses?

Yes, I watch upload times, for several days there have been periods with extreme delays. Here are a few recent days, the last is up to 10 AM today. The first is about a month ago.

We apologize for this. Unfortunately (as I explained on this issue is visible by many customers.

The worst should be already behind, but if you see more issues please open a support request.

Thanks for the reply & info.

Can not access any of my buckets from console or 3rd party client since update.

Getting “This bucket has been deleted externally”

@kngtaco Our engineers have discovered a bug that appears on very old buckets. Rest assured that the data is still there, not deleted. While the bug is fixed, your data can be recovered by our support team.

Please open a ticket

I’m closing the thread now: for others with similar issues, please open a ticket.