how do you make folders CGI script friendly?

site chmod 755 cgi-bin

providing your cgi bin is called cgi-bin

the cgi bin is now 755 but still is not reading cgi

you also need to set the permissions for your cgi scripts, so

do a chmod 755 on them.

they all are 755 but still it doesn’t work

Where did you get your script from? What exactly is the error?

I got it from active-scripts and what is happening is when i upload it and load the URL i just see the script.

What kind of a script is it, what are you using it for? How are you calling the action of the script? Or are you just trying to open it up


I have been trying and and none of them work

make sure when uploading your script you upload it in ASCII mode, otherwise it won’t work.

this is your correct path

i did upload in ASCII mode i think…

my only other thought is to try to chmod the guestbook directory to 777 (I am not sure if 777 is correct)

Someone else in reading the forum will most likely know the correct chmod

one other thing you might try is posting your question on action-script.nets forum.

nope, no good. I guess its fucked

Are you on a plan that comes with CGI ?

First the web server looks at the extension to see if its CGI file or not. If your domain is not configured to run CGI, then it doesn’t care at this point and simply reads the file as if it were a plain file.

If the extension is a CGI extension, then the web server looks for the magic number and file permissions. If you have this wrong, you’ll get a 500 Internal Server Error.

The script file and the directory it is in should both be chmod to 755. If you chmod a directory to 777, then other users could create files in that directory, so its not a good idea to do that. The last 5 means other users can read and execute, but not write. 7 means they can do all three.

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My domain does that for me.

did you chmod 755 the directory ‘guestbook’ also?

FYI, we recently had a problem wherein some domains did not get set up for CGI support by default after being created.

It’s likely that this is the case for you - if you contact support and point them to the script you’re having trouble with, they should be able to verify if this is the case and get it fixed for you.

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