Problem with WordPress Theme Installation!

Hello Guys,

I am a free custmor of “dreamhost”. I installed Wordpress on my registered subdomain and now I want to install some more themes. When I tried to do so, I was asked to give the address of my “ftp host”. Please tell me from where I can get it??? Or if free custmors are not able to install additional things???

If be “free customer” you mean DreamHost APPS, you will not be able to install anything that writes to the file system (including themes). To use other than the supplied themes, you will need a DreamHost hosting account.

–DreamHost Tech Support

thanks for info…

however, It is some bad kind of info!!!
It means I will now have to leave this account as it is!!!
bcz the supplied themes are very dull…

Well, tastes in themes varies; if you want fill control over the themes available, this free account is not for you. has similar arrangement, but has some different themes, so you might try there (it is also free).

–DreamHost Tech Support

I am also faces this same kind of issue while installing the word press. The suggestions for this topic is entirely good for me to use my talent in knowing the different types of things there. Thanks for giving away the finest type of information.

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