Problem with WordPress 1 click install pre DNS change




I’m building a new site on a fresh VPS. I’ve set up the domain on the VPS but don’t want to propogate the actual domain name until I’ve built the development site (obviously).

I’ve mirrored the domain at

I’ve setup a mysql hostname at

I’ve used the WordPress 1 click install to install WordPress on

It says the install was successful, but when I visit I get “Error establishing a database connection […] can’t contact the database server at”.

I can get into PHPMyAdmin at:

and there is a print_2_media_com database (the database that was automatically generated by the 1 click install), but it contains no tables.

Anyone know what else I need to do to get the database connection recognised and finish the WordPress install?




use ftp/sftp and check the file wp-config.php it should be in the top level of whatever folder you installed wordpress in, the db hostname is at ~line 28


/** MySQL hostname */
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘’);


update that to ‘


Would that still work once DNS has propogated? I’m guessing it would, as long as I didn’t remove the domain, but it seems a little flaky.

If I do change it back to after DNS propogation, will it still be pointing to the same database? So I won’t lose anything added during development?

Cheers for the help.



Yes, you can change it back after the DNS change. In most cases, all the databases for your account are on one database server and all of the hostnames are interchangeable. (the exception being some older customers that might have more than one database sever.)


Thanks for the info LakeRat. 'Tis working a treat now. Much appreciated.