Problem with Upload


I’m seeing a problem with uploading recently changed files. I have attempted the upload multiple times, saved, refreshed, and still the new changes in the index file don’t show up. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Anyone know what might be causing this or is it inherent every so often with dreamhost? I have tried both the client, which I usually use, and direct upload.


Is your problem that the file isn’t appearing on the server or is it not appearing on your website? How big are the files?

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The ftp client tells me it’s uploading the file. But when we hit refresh, and check the source on the web, it’s still the old file. We added a comment to the new file so it would be obvious when it does actually show up. The file is very small and straightforward.


If you have shell access to DreamHost, log in and try:

It should return the updated file. This will at least show if it’s cached somewhere.


Hi Scott,

Thank you for your help and attention to my post. I have taken care of the problem. I actually had two directories - one was hidden. The web was accessing the hidden one.

Thanks again!