Problem with trac .htaccess


I have a website developed over wordpress and I want to use trac on my project as well. The problem is, I can’t seem to be able to install trac in a directory outside my document root, so, I have a directory like /mysite/trac which has its own .htaccess file

The problem is, my root folder also has a .htaccess file (corresponding to the wordpress site), which seems to be interfering with trac’s one… I found this out because when I try http://mysite/trac I get a 404 wordpress error, but if I remove the .htaccess from the trac directory I can enter that URL fine…

Thanks for your help

No idea what trac is, but have you tried to add the .htaccess from trac to the .htaccess from WordPress.
Might work might not worth a try for 1 minute work.
Keep in mind that if there is a directory/folder mentioned in the .htaccess you might need to change that to the correct path


Thanks for you answer. Trac is a project management application, which is available at dh and can be connected to svn. Very helpful for development. Anyway, I solved my problem following a guide I found at the wiki, I don’t recall the url, but basically, what I had to do was create 2 sudomains, 1 for svn and another for trac, that way, no .htaccess interferes with the others. It might not be the most efficient way around the problem, but it actually makes the structure cleaner.