Problem with subdomain reload/refresh/redirect

I’m stumped. I created a subdomain ( a couple of months ago, and have been using it since. Last week, I needed to move its contents and temporarily change things so redirects to .

The move went smoothly enough, but reverted to an index page it had two months ago. I’ve tried three different browsers, refreshing, reloading, emptying caches. I’ve tried html, php, and .htaccess redirects. I’ve tried using the ftp access on the dreamhost domain maintenance page to replace the contents of index.html.

I finally deleted the subdomain in dreamhost’s domain management page. Caused an error message, but at least the old information was gone. I waited 24 hours, then went back into management and recreated the subdomain. I do need it! It went right back to that page from a couple of months ago. Looking around my webspace, I can’t even find the code for that page out there.

I’ve got to be missing something obvious. Anyone have any ideas?

That is a strange one indeed. Is there any chance that “a couple of months ago” when you set this all up you were using a different user for the subdomain?

That might explain why you are not finding, via FTP, the content that is being served at present via http (it’s living in a different user’s directory?)

Is there any chance you have an .htaccess file laying about above the domain’s base directory (like in the user’s main directory)?

Just guessing at things to eliminate here, as what you are describing seems very unusual.


Hats off – you are good! I did set it up under a different id. I just logged in under that ID and voila, there’s all the old stuff!

Thank you.

Hey, I’m glad you got to the bottom of the strange behavior, and I’m glad my “lucky guess” turned out to be helpful. You know the old saying, “It’s better to be lucky than to be good!” :wink: