Problem with stats package

I recently moved a bunch of domains from another hosting company to DreamHost. Everything works fine except the stats package.

I use a package called Website Reporter. The stats package works like this: Each HTML page contains a script that embeds a clear pixel on the page. When a visitor views the page, a perl script creates a log file that contains information about the visitor. You can see what I mean by viewing the source of this page, for example:

The stats package is supposed to keep track of the referer, but this feature doesn’t work anymore (it worked on the old host). Is this some sort of security feature implemented by DreamHost? Do they block the referer? If so, how can I disable the blocking? I’d like to know the referer, especially because it contains the keywords used in Google searches.

Thanks for considering my question.

(Incidentally, I know that I can use DreamHost’s stats package, but I like the format used by Website Reporter).

Alex C.
Rochester, NY