Problem with ssh access

Wondering if anyone can help, this is a new account registered this morning:
I enabled SSH access for my user, and I’m able to successfully login to as specified in the email. When I login though, I get an error telling me that my home directory (/home/xxx) doesn’t exist, and I’m left in /
There is a symlink to /home/xxx that points at /home/.yyy/xxx but it’s a dead link.
Is this normal? Do I just have to wait for someone to make me a home directory? I’ve sent a support ticket, but if anyone is able to provide any info that would be wonderful.


try to telnet to and check if you go to your root when you login.

Contact support… I think there is a problem mounting your nfs share… open a ticket, I think if you details what already wrote + a nice text capture…

they will fix it in no time