Problem with spamming



I’m having big issues now with spamming since I’m getting a lot of junk emails.
On top of that, 90% of this spam is from my email address. Since I recognize my email address I simply delete these emails. But I guess that if the same emails are sent to other people who don’t know my address, they will surely mark those emails as spam. Thus my email address is getting bad reputation and probably I could have troubles as my address will be automatically filtered as spam.

I know, that’s nothing new nowadays. But lately this problem is increased in my mailbox.

If you guys know any trick or solution even just to avoid part of this craziness, please let me know.

(Every time I receive that spam from my address I’d like so bad to know who the hell is sending it! yeah, just not possible…)


You could add an SPF record for your domain, which others can use to flag forged envelope/Return-Path addresses as spam. Similarly, you could use DKIM to sign the inner From, body and other headers.

How you set these up depends on whether you are using DH mail or Google App for Domains.

Here are the DH wiki articles:


Thank you habilis,

it seems there’s something I can do at least.
Thanks for the links.