Problem with spamcop & squirrelmail

i set up a spamcop account, my username is - the problem is when i log into my webmail (squirrelmail) and go into options>SpamCop - Spam Reporting it asks me to enter in my “Your SpamCop authorization code”, i’m assuming the authorization code is my username because i was never given an ‘authorization code’ and next to the field there is a button to ‘Save ID’ (not save authorization code).

anyway, here’s the problem, i enter in my username "" and hit ‘Save ID’ but only the “spamcop” is saved, the "" is removed. i tried doing it several times and it keeps doing the same thing. so i tried submitting spam via the web and when i hit submit in dreamhost, spamcop is telling me the user ID can not be found.

squirrelmail won’t save my spamcop ID/username.

has anyone been able to get this working?