Problem with site, need to specify .html file

I am in process of transfering hosting of my site from 1&1 to DH. Registration remains with 1&1 and I have changed the DNS records to forward to DH, a DNS check shows the DH nameservers.

When I try to access the site with the domain address only ( then I get this error message:
"Not Found
The requested URL /defaultsite was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
The document header indicates that this page is served by 1&1.

However, if I enter the address of any of the pages directly (e.g. ) then they come up without trouble.

What am I doing wrong?

In case it helps:

  • the site was created with iWeb '08; I have only changed the FTP site and re-uploaded to DH
  • in the control panel I have tried both “leave it alone” and “add WWW” options, also the web directory is correctly set
  • checking with FTP client it appears that all files are present[hr]
    I should add that my family site (, which is also registered with 1&1, hosted by DH, created with iWeb and as far as I can tell has the same settings as my own, works perfectly.[hr]
    Aaaargghh, just tested again and that FAILED too.

Looks like a couple of newbie mistakes instead of a technical problem somewhere:

  1. File names are case-sensitive. Home.html and home.html are two different file names and Home.html exists but home.html does not.

  2. Web browsers will cache content based on when they got the content and not the IP address. So you may get content from a cache regardless of whether or not the hostname is resolving to a different IP address now. Clear your browser cache.

Thanks for your help Atropos. The problem does seem to be with capitalisation of the filenames. In my original message I had type home.html but the file was actually named Home.html, whereas index.html was all lower case. Changing Home to home did not work but changing index to Index did. Weirdly, on my family website index is lower case and the first page is Welcome.html.

I should point out that I did not directly create the files, iWeb did that, so the capitalisation is automated, something which other iWeb users may want to watch out for.