Problem with Setting up Forum


I’m trying to set up the IPB 1.3.1 forum, but if you go to (my web), you see my problem. Does anyone know how to fix that?


If you just created the database, it may take some time before it works. Was there a install program that creates the tables for you? I would think if there was such a program, it would have given you an error if the database was not working yet. But apparently it can find the database just not the table, which leads me to beleive you need to re run the install program.


You are using the wrong host settings for your board, look:

mySQL error: Unknown MySQL server host '' (1)You have to set that up using soemthing like: (or .net, or .org, whatever)Look into your CP > Goodies > MySQL for the right settings

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It appears that you have the wrong hostname. The hostname is always a subdomain (such as that is created when you first setup your database. The hostname is chosen by you, and it may or may not be similar to the database name.

The hostname is the SAME URL that you use to connect to phpMyAdmin (as are the username and password).

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