Problem with qtaccess


Has anyone tried to get qtaccess to read their pre-existing .htpasswd files? I tried, but unfortunately, no success.

I’m at a loss as to how I can get qtaccess to read my .htpasswd file, especially since I already have an ibill payment script that automatically updates it once a user signs up for my site.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

do you mean htaccess? never heard of qtaccess. Anyway, here’s how I have a simple “local area” setup:

[code]AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /path/to/.htgroup
AuthName "Local area"
AuthType Basic

require group local [/code]And then my .htgroup file looks like this: [code]local: user1 user2 user3 [/code]And then my .htpasswd file would have the passwords for those users.

So basically, what’s happening is when someone goes to my “local” area, they get prompted for a username and password. That username has to be in the group ‘local’ in order for it to be accepted. What this allows me to do is when I want to add someone, let’s say I have a few areas that are allowed local access, instead of updating each of those files, I just update the .htgroup file with the new username. So you have to see if this is possible, but set up the sign-in program to not only update the .htpasswd file, but add the user to the .htgroup file as well. You may have to do some more research on this, but it may be possible to just say something like require AUTH-USER and as long as its in the .htpasswd file, it will work.

Hope this helps

Todd Eddy

Answered my own question, replace the ‘require group local’ in the above .htaccess file with ‘require valid-user’ (without the 's) and it will allow any user that is within the .htpasswd file. So then you wouldn’t even need the .htgroup file and all you would have to do is update the .htaccess file and all users will have access to it

Todd Eddy


Thanks for the tip. I actually did mean qtaccess, which is apparently what Dreamhost’s Quicktime service utilizes for user authentication. It reads its own version of htpasswd which is called qtusers by default (this can be defined).

Unfortunately, I already have my own htaccess and htpasswd protected directories. So I need to get qtaccess to also read my htpasswd file, so that my existing users can get authenticated when they try to get a stream.

I noticed that they both use the same formatting:


So I can’t understand why when I put the path to htpasswd in the qtaccess file, it does not recognize the username/password combos.