Problem with outgoing mail on iPhone

Since moving to Dreamhost I have not been able to get my outgoing mail to work on my iPhone. I have set it up with POP settings and then followed the instructions exactly on the Dreamhost Wiki for IMAP.

One thing I notice is the “Authentication” under the Outgoing settings is greyed out. Also, even though I put a password for Outgoing Mail Server, it defaults back to Optional.

Please help! I want to email myself all my Notes before I update my iPhone software. Thanks.

If you’re using a Mac with, you can enable it via iTunes to sync your mail account. This doesn’t sync messages, just all the settings, including incoming and outbound mail servers. Have you tried this? This is how I initially set up my iPhone a while back and it’s always worked.

On the bright side, I did the upgrade and lost no data, including my notes. And whenever my iPhone syncs, it saves a backup in iTunes. Not sure how to restore that backup, but it’s there.


Thanks, that totally worked! Thanks so much.