Problem with new domain registrations

This problem began about three months back. When registering a new domain via the DH CP and paying by PayPal, payment is taken yet the domain never shows up. I thought it was a one off issue, but it seems to happen every time I register a domain now. I have repeatedly brought this to the attention of the DH support personnel who, judging by their responses, seems to think it trivial (I get the common reponse along the lines of: “Oh, just try it again, he $9.95 is in credited to your account.”) When I do retry the registration, it does appear. Evidently, something is broken.

Does anyone else see this? Or does anyone with a little more insight into the workings of the CP or DH know what might be going?

EDIT: Ah poo, I added this to the wrong subforum. I will repost in the appropriate place. If you are a modertor here, then please delete this. Thanks!