Problem with Name Server entries


I am attempting to set up Dreamhost name servers to route the A records for the main domain to another host and leave a subdomain on Dreamhost.
However, I am unable to change the A records for the main domain. Is this not possible on Dreamhost? I want to use Dreamhost name servers to do this is because the host that the main site is on does not provide access to the name server entries. I was able to do what I am trying to do on another host.


Let me guess: Is there an A record showing up in the “non-editable DreamHost DNS records” section that you want to get rid of? If so, click the “Remove” button to disable hosting for the domain, under the “Web Hosting” column of the main page of the “Manage Domains” tab.

This will remove our hosting for the domain, making room for you to enter your own DNS records instead.


I’ve now removed the hosting but the non-editable DreamHost DNS records are still being listed. Does this mean anything or are they being ignored now?


I seem to have screwed up everything by removing the hosting.
I am unable to access my mirrored site after I did that.
I get the following message: error id: "bad_httpd_conf"
I restored the hosting but the dns records did not get restored. Do they take time to get restored?


“bad_httpd_conf” is an error from the DreamHost web server. It’s normal to see that temporarily when you’re doing what you’re doing, as disabling hosting turns it off on the DreamHost side immediately, but it can take a few minutes for the DNS records to clear out. Give it another try?