Problem with MySQL database privileges on VPS

I recently canceled my VPS web and MySQL servers in the attempt to downgrade, but realized that my whole website was gone. So I registered for new VPS web and MySQL servers, but when I accessed phpMyAdmin, I realized that I do not have “create database” privileges anymore.

When I tried to create a new database user, I saw that my previous MySQL server name was still there, even though I can no longer see it under the “enable VPS service” section of the control panel.

Is my denied access due to the conflict of the 2 MySQL servers? Is my previous server still there, and why can’t I see my previous server, even though my tables are miraculously still seen in the new server… ?

I am kinda logged out of my own website cos the homepage requires a login user ID and password that is recalled from one of my MySQL tables too…

Need help please anyone?

I think you might want to contact DH support for this one.

I have been trying to contact DH support but they say that they can access the databases and therefore there shouldn’t be any problem. Is there a way for me to get the database privileges by myself?

@kevylyap, did you get the problem solved? Did you do it yourself or got backing from DH?

the problem was solved. DH managed to troubleshoot and identify a discrepancy in my coding which was not compatible with their new upgraded system of MySQL database.