Problem with my Wordpress site (FTP)


I tried to create a child theme using a tutorial that told me that I had to have the index.php file from the parent folder in the same folder as my style.css file (for the child theme), in order for the child theme to work. This turned out to be wrong and now my site look likes this:

I have tried everything that has been suggested to me but nothing has worked. I would now like to start over completely from scratch. I have the site backed up. If I delete folders such as “wp-content” and “wp-admin” in my FTP will this allow me to start over from scratch? I am still completely new to Wordpress and Dreamhost so any help will be very much appreciated!


Hi Lauren,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your site! All you need to do is put the index.php file back (or just grab it from your backup); You don’t need to start from scratch!

That should help you create a child theme correctly :slight_smile:

I tried to do that but I could not find where I placed the file. Any other suggestions?
And I installed a new theme before I backed everything up just to see if different things worked. Everything from my site seemed to be in the backup file. I’m assuming that changing the theme after my site had the problem will affect how the back up file is read if I tried to import it into wordpress again?

Check /listenherereviews/com/wp-admin :slight_smile:

You just need to put it back into the parent folder: /

I just put the index.php file back into the parent folder and I got the following message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/laugri8/ on line 15. What now?

I’d suggest trying your backup. You can copy your index.php file from the backup and paste it right into the live site directory. :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work, try our “Restore” button on the Manage Domains page in your web panel. Click “Restore” and choose the latest backup, so long as it’s before when you started trying to create the child theme.

I back it up after I tried to create the child theme.

Hi Laura,

As my shift is over now, I’ll need to hand you over to our tech support team (if one of our lovely forum regulars doesn’t get to help you first!) to further troubleshoot. You’re welcome to submit a ticket from the “Contact Support” link in your web panel; And if the “Chat Live” button is on, you have that option too! Our team will help you ASAP. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I put in a restore for the furthest backup (2 weeks or more.) So I hope that works! Thanks!

If you mean the panel backups, You may have to ask support to restore backups. See this thread:
Last I knew the functionality was still broken, please let us know what happens.
If it fails or succeeds you will get an email, so watch for that to arrive.

OK. I’ll contact Dreamhost tomorrow.

Did you install WP via the One-Click interface or did you upload the files manually?