Problem With My Website

AS Written to DH Support

"I had installed WordPress on my domain just before 24 hours.
And Today I can access it but NO-ONE from outside can access the blog,
they simply see either a blank white page or simply a background of
the theme. I switched fomr many themes but NONE of the times worked.
Only I can get into the site no one else.Because of this I am facing
serious delays.

I want this to be solved as soon as possible, as its very important
for me."

I do not know what to do, as I have done as much I know and I can. I have changed form themes to theme but the same problem everytime.

Is there any thing I am missing out or how do I recover this Problem ?

This may not be the problem you are experiencing, but there is a known problem, with symptoms similar to yours, when you use wp-cache and PHP5. See the wiki article below for more information and a possible fix.


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Thank you very much, let me try this.

EDIT : I tried it, its wokring. As per now no problems met.

Thank you again.