Problem with IP address

I can’t find the section within my account to change and IP address on a particular domain name. I can see where I can change my main service, but not the IP address, this is very urgent as my website is down at the moment, can someone please help

On the manage domain page, you have a link to ‘add ip’ and I believe you can edit it there.

If not, please open up a support ticket with us and we’ll look into it for you right away.

I have sent a support ticket, hours ago but I’ve heard nothing back yet.

I’ve been looking on the “manage domains” page and all that I can see that resembles what you are talking about is “Add a custom DNS record to”. I’m not sure if this is the section you are talking about. There appears to be just one feels available for what could be an IP address, I need to change two IP addresses

What IP addresses are you trying to change, exactly?

Has your ticket been answered yet? If not, you can provide your ticket number or domain associated with your account, and I’ll be happy to make sure you get an answer ASAP :slight_smile: