Problem with Image conversion tool

Im trying to set up my 4images script on my site. I need to use the auto-thumbnailer, but it requires an image conversion tool. I can choose between ImageMagick,GD,or NetPBM. I read that most servers already have GD on there, so I set it to that, which also does not require a path name in the script. It isnt working right, I get:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagegif() in /home/.landor/seraphina/ on line 89

I read the forum for the script, and it says that GD version 2.x no longer supports GIFs. However, it was updated to say 2.0.28 now does support GIFs again.

Which version is DreamHost running? Can I use ImageMagick or NetPBM, if so, what do I set the path and program name to?

Please help, at my wits end here.