Problem with Hybrid News theme for wordpress

Hi everyone,

I really want to use the Hybrid News theme from the Hybrid Theme Framework for my wordpress blog.

It’s a child theme for the Hybrid Theme Framework.

To start off with, several other people have used this child theme since 2008, so the code is sound.

I can install and activate the Hybrid parent theme and it works fine. When I try to install the child theme (hybrid news or any hybrid child theme), I get a white page on my site. I can’t access my wordpress admin or see anything on my site.

After that happens, I have to restore my database to get my site functioning again.

I’ve tried deactivating every single plugin that’s on my blog prior to installation and that doesn’t help.

I’ve tested numerous other themes previously without issue.

Anyway, I can’t figure out for the life of me why this isn’t working. Again, I really want to use this child theme, so if anyone has a suggestion, I would be very thankful to hear it.