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Hi all,

I have a weird problem with Google Analytics. Several of our sites are not pulling in data in Analytics. It started on September 7th, 2017. We were using a non-standard implementation (taken from HTML5 boilerplate) of the analytics code originally. So, I switched that out for the code straight from the Google Analytics admin page. But, no hits are still coming in.

I’ve tried the newest gtag code, and the older analytics.js code and nothing seems to work.

One really odd thing I’ve noticed: in the Google Analyics admin area (administration > property settings - Property Hit Volume), it says I have been getting hits in the past day.

This makes me wonder if there is an error within Google Analytics itself? Any ideas or thoughts?

Thank you!!


hard to tell without looking at the site… you should be able to see traffic immediately in Analytics on the Real Time panel. Is google script loaded on your page? are there any errors in web dev console?


One of the sites is

No traffic comes up in the Real Time panel. The script does load and there’s no errors in console.

I think it’s an error within GA itself. Unfortunately they don’t have any support options.


Is that the code you get from ? Are you looking at the right Google Analytics account? Do you have filters on Analytics that may be blocking all reported traffic? have you tried moving the code somewhere else on the page? It’s not clear to me why that would help but it won’t hurt to try :slight_smile:

Check also Google support


I’ve tried the code from that link and also the code from the GA admin area. I am looking at the right account and I removed all the filters on it. I used to have the code in the footer area, but moved it to the <head> as recommended. Nothing has helped.

Google Support has been useless.

One thing I did try is recreating the property in GA and, using that new property ID, the hits do come in on the Real Time panel.

So I think there is some error happening in GA itself. Really annoying because this is affecting multiple client sites. I’m going to have to recreate them all I think.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


There is probably some silly setting hidden somewhere… Last thing I found is and it links to Google forums when everything fails.


yeah, I was on that support page too. Pretty useless.

The thing is, I didn’t change anything at all in our GA account. No settings changes. It just up and stopped getting data one day (September 7 to be exact).


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