Problem with Gallery

it says as below on initial instillation page,

<In order to proceed with the install, we have to verify that you are who you claim. The best way to be sure is to ask you to make a tiny change in the Gallery directory which will prove that you have the right permissions. So, we’re going to ask that you create a new text file called login.txt in the /home/.chanelle/webmasterno2/ directory on your webserver (that’s the same directory where main.php is located). It must contain the following randomly generated characters: >

but cannot find the directory /home/.chanelle/webmasterno2/ on my FTP

The problem is a dataglob in the path. You should always omit the dataglob in your code, which means the path should be:

/home/webmasterno2/ that doesn’t work, try removing the “www.” that comes before your subdomain - that is very unusual.

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