Problem with FTp

Hello, im a little bit what could be called a beginner, the thing is that i´ve paid your hosting service for one year itself, well, i recibed an email telling me that now im allowed to use every kind of thing from it, well, i think i loged into my web ftp on my domain wich is, but when i go there i see lots of directories such as,, and other directories that dont know what they are, well i want to upload my index page from my computer, and i do so but once is upload, i clicked to see it and nothing happens, it just cant find the web page, so where shall i put all my files? and the second thing that i saw is that the webmail dosent work.
Goodbye and thanks.
ill be waiting for an anwser.

We’re just customers like you. Of course we’ll help as much as we can. Specific support requests need to be posted through the control panel, but other issues (kind of like you’re asking here) can often be answered between customers. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t expecting too much from the “free support” available here.

Because I’m in a bit of a rush, I won’t try to address your questions right now. Others much more qualified will be here soon, I’m sure.

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You’ve registered your domain somewhere else (It’s a .es domain so we know thist). Did you configure your nameservers to be,, and

The existence of the directory indicates that you added hosting for Is that true?

If so, you just need to upload your index page to that directory ( and after waiting a few days for DNS to propagate, things should start working. Again, don’t forget to configure the nameservers at your registrar.

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Well when i try to do what you said, it tells my that cant transfear any domains that ends in .es

I tried to put some files just like my index.html in my ftp in my directory, but it dosent work…
i dont know what happends our what ive got to do.

It will tell you that if you try to do a registration transfer in the “Reg. Transfer” section.

I had previously thought that you had already added hosting for your site in the Domains>Manage Domains section of the control panel. Is that right?

The other think you have to make sure is that you have set the nameservers at your registrar. Where did you register the domain?

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Rigth this is what ive done:

I paid well actually friend of mine paid about 250 € for the hosting service, hosting, including everithing i think it was level 3 or something. Well he registered the domain on an spanish server, because our web page its gona be spanish, well we paid and everythin semmed to be ok, but as i told you i try to do so in the reg. transfer but it gets me the messeage of the .es
And then i go to manage my domains and ive got to get to an extrange server called: wich is supouse to be ftp. well i can see the some directories one is elinformadordigital and the other is ftpelinfomadordigital and some other directories, and i tried to upload my index there, but when i click to see the web page it gets like this direction:
and it supouse to be:

O and by the way i tried to search for those severs you told me the those things and i dont know were they are.
I dont what ive done wrong…

O by th eway in my manage domais window,
where the is in the registration columb its sais Unknown

I’m interpreting this as your saying that you see a row in the “Complete Domains Summary” table for This means that you’ve correctly added hosting for the domain at dreamhost. It is also correct that the registration information for that domain is Unknown because DreamHost isn’t the registrar for that domain.

The first problem you need to solve is to get the DNS for your domain working. You have to set the nameservers correctly at your registrar. Your registrar is not DreamHost. Where did your friend register your domain? You have to go there and change your nameservers.

From a brief investigation, I’d guess that your domain is registered at You have to go there and change your nameservers.

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Really thak you ill tell my frined. You know! i was getting crazy triying to find my registrar over here in dreamhost. Ill tell him, thanks again ill tell you once i finish working with it.