Problem with Email

I made some changes to the email addresses in the DH web panel, and it’s resulted in my husband no longer getting his email. I screwed it up, and I’m not sure how to fix.

He has his main email account,, using his domain name, set up through an email program, Outlook Express, I think.

I changed the email addresses, so that his main email account would no longer be the catch-all address.

I edited his secondary email address,, so that it would forward to his main email account.

Somewhere along the way, I set things so that he wasn’t getting any email at all at

After realizing this, I tried setting up an email account with to forward to That didn’t work.

So I tried restoring the settings so that would receive the catch-all. Now emails sent to are bouncing.

Could anyone help me figure out how to rectify this? He wants to get all email sent to and wants to set up the catch-all account so that emails are deleted with bounce.

Many thanks.

How long after you made the changes did you check to email account again?

I am not sure about this, but changes to the account take a while before they are re-set up. I think when you make the changes, it tells you that the changes can take up to two hours…

It may be the problem, and maybe not, but I would keep trying and see if it starts working again.

Gonewthewind, yep, I checked a few hours afterwards and was still experiencing the problem.

When did the email address go dead? I’m wondering if it isn’t a coincidence I have one email address at my domain, that’s dead. It doesn’t bounce, or anything, I just don’t get the messages. Being my primary personal account, this is of course disasterous. This has been going on for a few days now (5 or 6), and I didn’t catch it until recently. I’ve sort of got a work around going by setting that account to forward to another (on the same domain) in addition to going to itself. What a pain.

I’ve been experiencing problems with my email lately… Actually, ever since I came here, but I’ve been too lazy to address it.

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So it must be the new improved “Filtering Machine”(s)… No Spam, Ever.

Too bad, I hate shopping for Hosts, it’s so painful, and work-like. I’m happy I chose that pay with paypal option this time.

I guess its nice to know I’m not alone at least.

FYI, as a fellow lazy person, I try to avoid including references to where I work/what I do while really being lazy. It makes it much easier to be lazy…

Anyone else? Maybe I’ll start a poll, “Is your Dream Host Hosted email address working” “Yeah, I think so” “uhh, good question” “No”, “Tastes Great”

Your not-dream not-host not-cheerleading not-team

Maybe you could try deleting the email address (Mail->addresses->del) and recreating it. I just created a few email addresses and they seem to be working fine. Just don’t put catch-all when you create the address.