Problem with downloading


I have a forum which contains ftp downloads and one of my members have problems with downloading the files (rar). When she download she gets a page with weird text that is very very long. She’s using a mac so maybe that’s the problem?

Sounds like the Mac doesn’t recognize the .rar extension as a file. Tell her to right click on the link and select Download Linked File.

As for extracting it, I’d have to experiment to see if the Mac has a built-in extractor for .rar files.


If you have a link to the file she is having trouble with, people here could check to see that the file is being properly served.

From your description of the problem, it sounds as though her browser is not properly handling the mime type that is being served for the .rar file.

You might ask here what browser/version she is using, as there may be a known issue with that software. Generally, if only a single user is having a problem with a file, it is most likely some problem with her system. :wink: