Problem With Domain Transfer

i needed to transfer one of my domains from one host to my dreahost account and the e-mail was to to me and my domain registrar and unfortunatly i found my e-mail account that i used to register my domain was not active, so i found that when i reactivated it all my mail would be lost, so i have a pending domain transfer and not way of finnishing it, so what do i do?

It sounds like you wiped out your old domain that held your mail. If that’s so, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to recover the e-mail. It sounds like you can reactivate your old domain, in which case you get back on track.

I suggest you change your email info at your registrar to use a Gmail, or some such service, and then re-inititate the transfer.

Many registrars have non-mail ways to transfer a domain. Who’s your registrar?


If you already re-activated the email account, just re-initiate the transfer and it should be okay – even without changing the email address in the WHOIS info.

I’d guess that most registrars would have a “pending transfer status” section somewhere in the control panel, where it would list options like re-initiate, or resend authorization email.

Also, make sure the domain is unlocked before doing the transfer, or it will fail anyway.

In the meantime, you can just update your nameservers to point here if you want to get the site up and running at Dreamhost, then work out the transfer process. (,,

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it is unlocked and everything else, its just that i have never had a chance to allow the transfer on my e-mail account

the problem is i can re-initiate it fine, but the one transfer that is pending is filling my spot for a free domain, and if i re-initiate it i will have to pay for it, so if i can cancel the current one i can re-initiate without paying the yearly charges

I’m not really sure what you’re saying there, but re-initiating is just giving the same transfer a kick in the butt.

Re-initiating the one that’s pending should resend the email so you can authorize the transfer. Your free domain isn’t taken here until you actually complete a transfer.

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I’d contact support on this. They may be able to help you without you having responded to the DH initiated email confirming the request to transfer, and they may not (in order to help prevent domain hijacking ), but you won’t know until you contact them.

I wouldn’t worry about not confirming the transfer request to the “losing” registrar; thanks to the relatively ne ICANN rules, failure to object allows the transfer to proceed (as opposed to the way it used to be which required a confirmation),