Problem with counter

Hi - I’ve switched to using NVU from DreamWeaver and have lost my counter.

I have spent way too much time trying to get the script right, just can’t seem to understand what to do.

This is the basic script:

and this is the design I want to use:

Fat Purple (’&dd=fatpt&istrip=F’)

and I want the count to go back to day one.

Can someone just hold my hand and tell me what the code should look like? ~ Thanks, Susanne

It is fairly easy to do so I just had a couple of refresher goes with some domains. It looks as if there may be a problem with being unable to write the required dat file by the Count.cgi program. You can show a date or time but not set up a count.

I have sent in a support query to see if they can chek this since the .dat file is written in the depths of the system files. It may not be looked at if other things are going on but you may want to hold on until they have checked it out.

Your line is okay apart from the #### which you might want to seed with 0000 or even 9,999,999. :wink:

I might be wrong. I usually am!!


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