Problem with control panel

I cant log in control panel. and to contact with support i must log in control panel, but ftp,email and other services works correctly, i registered 4 hours ago. thanks for your help

Working fine for me; must be something with your account. Try contacting Dreamhost via this page:

Try deleting the cookies on your browser or even using another browser if possible.

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Did you get any email about your account status?

Also, remember that you can contact support when your control panel isn’t working via the link below:

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I’m having the same problem. i signed up last night and haven’t been able to log into the panel. I’ve tried clearing my cache, clearing my cookies, i’ve even tried it in firefox and safari with no luck. I just keep getting “Error! Username or password is incorrect.” I’ve checked and double-checked the username and password, I’ve even done the “forgot password” thing to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake. still nothing.

Have you ever sucessfully loggedin to the panel? Are you using your webId or your email address as a username?


i’ve never successfully logged in, I was trying with my email address but i just tried with my WebID and still nothing. It doesn’t show that the “Error! Username or password is incorrect.” it just reloads the panel login page without actually taking me into the panel. (this also happens if i type a bunch of nonsense in as a username or password)

That is strange. I don’t know what else to suggest. I have found that on occasion I have had to not only clear the cache and cookies, but actually close FF and reboot (FF doesn’t seem to always properly clear the cache!), but I have no experience with Safari. :frowning: