Problem with cgi type mime


I register an account five minutes ago, and when i go to login in the panel, the server offers me the index.cgi file to download it. Any idea to resolve it?

(I’m used other CGI’s in this browser without problems)


Panel may be having some problem due to the recent ddos, try again in a few minutes. If all else fails, close your browser after clearing cache and try again. It should work (I was just in it).

Andy Huang
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After the problem with the cgi the panel did not work, and i tried a few days later and it worked normally.

That’s ok. But today it do the same thing: offers me index.cgi to download.

I hope this is a puntual problem, and i will not have to regret in the future to pay this service.


This is not a normal thing you are experiencing. I personally do not know what is causing it, but I do know that DH has had some problems with Denial of Service Attacks. As you should know, DH is not responsable for Attacks like these any more than you would be if a virus attacked your own computer. The fault lays directly with the jerk creating these problems.
Hopefully your problem will be fixed soon, but I do recommend that you let tech support know about it.