Problem with approving account


Hello there,

I have registered for dreamhost yesterday and my account is still pending. I need this website for a class project and part of the reason for choosing dreampress was that I thought I could get this site up quickly.
At first I thought I might have to set up a service plan, but the only thing that changed since I did so is that now my account page tells me I owe you money. I thought I already paid you this money with the registration, but even when I attempted to pay this amount again, the only possibility would have been per check or money order. I am most certainly not going to do this since it would be way to much effort and time-consuming because I live in Switzerland and don’t even want to think how long it takes until you get this payment.

I already called my credit card company because I thought something might have gone wrong, but according to them the payment has been made.
(A further problem is that I cannot find the domain that I registered whilst creating my account, but I suppose that’s also because my account is still pending right?)

I already sent a ticket yesterday, but with no response. So, could you please fast track this account set up? Since I cannot find my domain in the ‘account management’ I am not even sure if everything is going to work once my account is approved, but I’ll see that then. However, I really need to get this site up and have already put too much time and nerves into this project regarding that I still have nothing in my hands. If I can’t get this site up within the next 24h I’ll unfortunately have to change plans and set my site up with another host because I really need to start working. My account number is #2054035 and I would be very grateful if you could sort this out for me!

Thank you in advance,

Julia R.


Hello Julia,

Thank you for contacting us for support. I see that our approvals team has sent you an email update and is now looking into your reply. They will update you as soon as possible, your continued patience as they look into the matter is appreciated.

Matt C


Hello Matt,

My account is also currently pending but i paid yesterday. My account number is #: 2055740



Hello Emmanuel,

Thank you for contacting just for help. I apologize for the delay in response. I was able to locate your ticket and got it escalated over to our approvals team. They will update you as soon as possible, your patience as they look into it is appreciated.

Matt C