Problem with adding users to Announcement Lists


I’m trying to setup an announcement list to send out short emails to our local fire departments and other first responders. This includes some dumb cell phones with simple texting capability. I can easily add the phones’ email address, and the confirmation message is received fine.

During testing, however, I see that the links are being truncated. I’ve cut the confirmation message down to almost just the verification url, but it’s still being truncated where the link won’t work. Is there an easier way to do this besides the Announcement Lists?

On a related note, is there a way to remove an address from whatever hidden list the unconfirmed addresses are residing in? I’ve run out of cell phones to test. I send one confirmation, see it doesn’t work, and I can’t send another to that same phone, since it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

This is probably not a good application for an announcement list. The email-to-SMS gateways that you’re probably using (e.g, for Verizon) are not reliable — they will frequently delay messages significantly or drop them entirely. If my suspicion is correct that you’re using this for emergency dispatch, this would, obviously, be really bad. You will probably be better off using an external service that directly sends SMSes. Even better, you may want to look into using a system to make automated phone calls. Even when not sent via email, SMSes are only delivered on a “best-effort” basis.

If you’d like to continue anyway — consider yourself warned! — email me directly with details using the button below this post, and I can clear out the pending addresses for you.

I’m sorry. To clarify, this isn’t for emergency notification, but for sending out scheduling, notices, etc. Currently, our dispatch will send out a mass email from Outlook Express, but when we have to contact more than a couple of fire departments, we run into the SMTP Quota. The announcement lists seem like what we need, but they’re not as end-user friendly as a local email client.

Nevertheless, I still want to try it to avoid the SMTP quota. The problem seems to be getting an activation link to the cell phones.

It would be nice if the pending confirmations were listed in the control panel, where we could cancel them.

I’ll email you directly with the pending email addresses. Thank you!