Problem with adding a billing account


I’m trying to add a billing account to be accessed by somebody who’s not a Dreamhost customer and doesn’t intend to be. I just need him to have a username/password separate from mine, to access the billing tab only, and enter credit card details to pay for one of my domains - from the docs, I’ve understood that it’s possible…

So I created a new billing account but it appears “pending approval” - I suppose it’s because it didn’t make a payment - but it can’t make payment because there’s no place to make a separate password for it, so the user can’t login! I thought maybe the password can be specified when granting the account privileges but it also doesn’t let me grant privileges because it says the account is not found on the system (I suppose because it’s not approved).

So how I can get out of this loop ??

This can be done through the Account Privileges option under billing.

First, create a New User under Users -> Manage Users. Then give that new user a WebID and then billing privileges by going to Billing -> Account Privileges and Create a WebID for that new user. Then you can give them access to your Billing.