Problem with account and prepaid visa

My account is showing as pending because I did not finish setting it up. I use a prepaid visa. It has my name on it and it acts like a regular debit card mostly. I did not have enough on it apparently for it to be accepted. I am going to try to add some money to my card tomorrow, but how much do I need to add in order to make my account valid? I want the free trial to see if I can work on my website.

Also I am not sure I can continue it after two weeks but I can pay monthly starting in June. I do not make that much right now.

It sounds like you registered a domain, the charge for that might be 11.95 if it was a .com .net or .org, or it might be more depending on the tld. That buys you the domain for a year whether at dreamhost or somewhere else.

If you used a promo code or got one of dreamhosts standard promo’s the first year is so cheap that it doesn’t even make sense to pay monthly. I don’t know the details of current promos but be careful here because paying monthly is MUCH more expensive than the annual plan. The rate goes up monthly and there is a “setup fee” that is waived for annual plans.

Some prepaid credit cards do not support recurring charges, which DreamHost uses. Please check with your card issuer to see if this is the case, or sign up using another normal credit card. You will still be able to make one-time payments through the DreamHost Panel using another card, if needed.