Problem using php.ini with installation of PHP5


I followed the directions to install php5 to my account. I want to increase the execution time to more than 30 seconds. I went into the php5>etc>php5>>php.ini folder and modified the max_execution_time to 60 seconds instead of the default of 30 seconds. I then ran a script to download images using curl with the following and I get the fatal error message as show below:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/.zarathustra/tincan30/ on line 34

I did a phpinfo() and those values were not changed. It was still 30 seconds.

I don’t think that my domain is using the custom installed PHP5 version.

It says the loaded configuration file is at:


it does not point to my php.ini

from phpinfo() the version is 5.2.3 and I see this noted on the installation instructions page.

WARNING if you use php 5.2.3 (and maybe others) the scripts below will copy the php binary when you need them to copy the php-cgi binary!!

what does that mean?

what should i do? thanks

Dont’ be too surprised if you don’t get a lot of offers to help you increase the execution time limits for PHP on a shared server… those limits are set by DreamHost to try to help ensure that all users on a server get good performance and to prevent any one user from consuming too many resources. :wink:



well, i need to atleast have the luxury of downloading files through the url. I want to set the file_url_fopen to On, but the installation is not pointing to the installed version of php5.