Problem uploading site

This is my first “real” site. I uploaded my files using Fetch and I got the dreaded list of files when I went to my URL.
I have a folder called home. In it is a file called index.html (my homepage) and a folder with my images for my homepage. I suspect this is the problem.
Should I get rid of the folder called home? Put my index.html in the root? (assuming root means the first level) and have my image folder there also?
Of course everything works perfect on my computer. I’ve been reading for hours trying to figure this out on my own. I have about sixty pages and if I have to move the index.html file I’ll have to change the links on every page. I don’t mind doing that but would sure like to know that it’s the right thing to do.
I could sure use some help.
Thankyou, Lindarose

Your “home directory” is /home/username
When you setup a domain, the files for the domain go in the directory called /home/username/domain
When you first log into FTP, you are in /home/username though your FTP client will show it to be the directory root, /.
So you should see in your FTP client these directories:

And just access domain, and you are now at /home/username/domain, and this is where index.html should go.

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thanks Atropos7

And just access domain, and you are now at /home/username/domain, and this is where index.html should go.

I did that. I double-clicked on the directory domain. It opened an empty folder? called When I uploaded and went to my URL the list of files showed up. Should I take my index.html out of the folder called home? Will that make it work properly?

I hope I’m making sense. I’m a bit confused.

Thanks again, Lindarose

You’re right- your index file should be in your folder, not in the subfolder it’s currently in.


Thanks Chell

I’ll change that (Ugh) and read my fetch manual again.