Problem uploading files

Please help out,I uploaded my files in the root folder which is
Home/username/Domain name
But my site ain’t working,
I have three website files
The OTApp is supposed to be in the root folder while the public should go into the public HTML_folder…
But their is no public HTML folder in the file manager, help out,any advice is accepted, thanks

By default, DH sets up /home/<username>/<domainname> as the public HTML folder (DH calls it the “Web Directory”). You many be able to access the files you uploaded in the sub-directories like: http://<domainname>/Documentation/.

You can change the default Web Directory location in the Manage Domains section of the Panel. E.g.:

Web Directory: /home/username/

That means the username folder is the root folder,while the Domain is the public HTML folder?

I’m not sure what you mean by “root”. In the default setup, the web directory (e.g. /home/user/ is the “document root” for I.e. The file /home/user/ will be displayed as the home page at the URL All files under the document root are publicly accessible via HTTP(S).

The term “document root” comes from the Apache server (also used by NGINX), which defines the DOCUMENT_ROOT variable for use in PHP, etc. It is synonymous with DH’s “Web directory” term.

It sounds like you are using a framework (maybe Ruby-on-Rails?). If you let us know a little more detail about your setup (shared vs VPS hosting, Apache vs NGINX, Framework: RoR, CodeIgniter, etc), we might have more useful suggestions.

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/home/[username]/ is the user root directory.
/home/[username]/[domain]/ is the Public_HTML directory for [domain].

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