Problem signing up


I tried to sign up but there are some fields in the Professional Verification Information secton that i just dont know how to answer and I dont know even who to ask!!

Some of the fields seem to reference numbers that only make sense for businesses in the US. The problem is that I’m purchasing the hosting in the name of a nonprofit association, registered in france.
so here goes, these are the fields:
First Name (or company/organization): [okay]
Last Name (or company/organization)
: [okay]
Date of Licensure: [wtf is licensure?]
Type of Profession*: [okay]
Jurisdiction Country*: FR
Licensing Authority*: [i dont know, the french state?]
License Number*: [we’ve got an ID #…]
Licensing Authority Website*: [this is a required field?]

I wanted to contact DH support, but I dont have an account yet, and cant access the webpanel. It’s hard to find a contact email address…

we’d be ever so grateful if somebody could explain what its asking for :slight_smile: thanks in advance!

Don’t forget the contact form

Good luck.

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