Problem routing internal mail with external MX


I have a custom MX record (gmail actually) for a domain and when I send mail THROUGH/FROM dreamhost mail servers it immediately bounces back with a “no user” error because it thinks it knows what addresses are assigned to domains under dreamhost.

This is a problem!

note: I just noticed gmail is integrated with dreamhost so I need more testing.


Unless I misunderstand your description, this seems normal: by choosing a custom MX, you told DreamHost that they were not responsible for your emails, and so their mail servers don’t know about your domain.

Are you trying to configure DreamHost as backup mail servers? I’m not sure you can do that.

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Close, yes I was not using dreamhost MX servers, but Dreamhost was ignoring that fact and trying to internally route mail when I send through a mail sever hosted on Dreamhost under different domains.

All seems working now since they added the easy configuration for Google Apps in Dreamhost panel, so not a problem.