Problem / Question about one click installs

Hello - I’m fairly new at this, so please excuse my lack of knowledge - I’m trying to learn…

My question is about my one click installs - the “manage one click installs” page on my dreamhost account.

I have installed 2 instances of the Concrete5 CMS. I have built two websites and can access both of those instances if I go straight to the url (I can log in to them and edit still).

Right now, both instances are gone from my “one click install” page on my dreamhost account.

This happened while I was attempting to assign my domain to point to one of the installs - I wanted to replace the dreamhost placeholder page at to have it redirect to the site (actually, page) I had built at

How do I get the two concrete5 installs to show up on my “one click installs” page again??



Hey Wayne!

I took a look at your web panel and do see the Concrete5 installs you have set up for From the Toolbox menu, click One Click Installs > Manage Installed Applications >

If you still don’t see them, please submit a support ticket via the Contact Support link in your panel; Our team will investigate!