Problem opening folder in Pydio

Hi all,
I am coming here because I tried the Pydio forums and no one has replied to me. When I log in to the webftp through Pydio, I see a list of folders for the domains that I manage. When I click on my main one (it happens to be the largest one with the most folders), to try to open it, it looks like it’s loading for several minutes and then it comes up with the error message: “Loading error: Invalid XML document”.

I know the files must all still be inside the domain folder because the website is still up and running. But it will not let me log in and even see any of the files. If this is a problem with the coding in one of the files, I would love to fix it but it does not even let me access any of the files to fix anything!

Please help, I do not know what to do and this is driving me crazy. I never had any problem like this with AjaXplorer.