Problem installing PHP5

I ran through the install using the alternate install script provided on the dreamhost wiki (because the main one would not compile), but when I get to the part about htaccess, I copy that into the current htaccess, than when I try to access my site, it tells me that it find php.cgi. I went and looked for it and its not there, so any ideas?

Installing your own PHP5 can be a tricky process, and it does require considerable understanding of what you are doing and following the instructions precisely.

From the many threads on these forums regarding problems people have with this, when “it doesn’t work”, going back and starting over, doing it again double and triple checking each step, often results in success.

I suggest you start there; the instructions in the wiki do work if they are followed correctly and without any skipped steps.

You might investigate further why the “main” script “would not compile”; if you can get that sorted, you will likely find that script easier to use than the “alternate” install script.