Problem installing Gallery 2.0

I am trying to install Gallery 2.0 using the One-click install. When I get to Step 4 (Storage Set-up) I encounter a problem. The directory it uses: /home/MyName/MyName.com_Gallery_g2data needs to have write permission instead of just Read Only. However, the directory is owned by “Root” so there is no way for me to change the permissions of this directory. Currently, it is set to rwxr–r--. What should I do?

Sounds like something got borked during the install, maybe. I’ve used the one-click Gallery 2 install twice now (most recently a couple of days ago) and the /home/username/domain.com_Gallery_g2data directories are owned by my username, not root. (Also I didn’t need to fix any permissions.) You probably need to get support to fix this one…

I get the same error message, but i managed to set privalages for the folder to 777 so i have NO idea how it cant access it… seems like another f*** up

I had the same problem where the folder seemed to have the owner of root. I couldn’t change the chmod properties of the folder to 777 (it was stuck at 755).

Here’s a solution if you’re stuck at step 4 of the Gallery 2.0 installation process:

  1. Delete the folder [yourdomain]_gallery_g2data that was created by the installation process.
  2. Recreate that folder you just deleted.
  3. Do the chmod command on that folder.

When re-creating the folder, it is created under your user login so you will have permissions to carry out a chmod.

Hope this helps.