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hey guys I need help. It’s my first time uploading a website… i uploaded all of the files using filezilla but still it is not shown in the internet. I alrleady have my web hosting account and a Domain name… I just dont know how to upload it, the process how to upload it… looking forward guys :slight_smile: thanks

What is the website name? Does anything show up at all? If not, do you get an error message?

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yesterday there was a goddady page showing up. it is said there that i have to activate it. but i dont know how

Looks like the domain is still pointing at GoDaddy’s server. You need to change it so it points at DreamHost’s servers which are

You can do this through your GoDaddy control panel Once you do that, it can take 24-48 hours for the changes to take effect

hmmm. btw what is FTP quota? do I need this?

I believe that is just the amount of space you have for your website

hmmmm ahh thanks! :slight_smile: i really need to upload this -_- my boss will kill me hahaha.

Two points:

One has already been made: (except I added the 3rd nameserver).

Second, are you uploading to the correct directory?

Start at the “Manage Domains” page in the dreamhost panel. Find your domain listed there. Note the username listed in the “Web Hosting” column. THAT user is the user you MUST use when uploading your files.

After logging in be sure to switch to a directory named the same as your domain. You will not have to create it, the system created it for you.

thus on the server: /home/USERNAME/ is the top of your site i.e. what you will see when visiting in the browser.

Finally, use SFTP not ftp, and disallow ftp for the user in the panel. ftp is a 40 year old protocol that is simply outdated and insecure, it should no longer be used.

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