Problem in ruby on rail


the project is running successfully in my localhost when i upload it in server… …its showing error…pls help me to rectify this error.


I don’t see any errors at

If it’s not working right then paste the errors from your log which should be in your application directory.

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Not knowing Ruby, but curious, I found the error when I clicked on “About your application’s environment.”



Ahh yes… That error is very generic and vague. If you’re unable to troubleshoot your application then I suggest putting in a support ticket.

Some things you might try is make sure you have your database.yml configured properly in your config directory. Same goes for your environment.rb file.

Recently we’ve made a change to how FastCGI handles Rails:

Also you’ll want to check your applications logs, most likely these logs will have the exact error.

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Thx for u r support. but the error is this…

Rails application failed to start properly

My all log files are blank. There is no error.

In the main page also when u click on this link…
About your application’s environment

u will c error.
Please help me…


Sounds like you don’t have your routes setup, but I can’t be certain without seeing the logs. I doubt they’re empty, but I guess you never know. I suggest sending in a support ticket so someone can look into this for you.

  • Greg
  • DreamHost Technical Support