Problem getting Admin email in phpBB3 to approve new member




I tried everything I can think of with my limited knowledge. I searched the knowledge base and tried different setup’s, but I just can’t get email authorization working in the one-click install of phpBB.

My email works that I setup in DH and forwarding works too because I tested it from outside phpBB, however, whenever I register in phpBB I cannot get that darn email function to work. I mean, email is sent to the person registering, but an email that is suppose to be sent to the Administrator of phpBB to approve does not work.

I even looked for error logs for mail in phpBB and nothing is listed.

Any help someone can provide this novice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


phpBB support says there are a couple different places the sender is set: CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS and RETURN EMAIL ADDRESS. I’d suggest checking what those are set to.

Also, if the emails going to the site’s user are sent fine,

… it may be that those emails are being sent “from” the site user, and getting blocked by our spoofing policy:

That may or may not be the case, but it’s worth looking into!


Hi Elle,

I checked CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS and RETURN EMAIL ADDRESS and both are the same email address which is hosted on DH.

I read the spoofing policy and the email that gets sent out is from my domain on DH so this should not be the problem.

When I register an account with another email address to test it out I receive the registration email from the email address I have in the CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS and RETURN EMAIL ADDRESS which is, for example, (located on DH). When I log into DH mail (SquirrelMail) Whoa… wait a sec… they are there in SquirrelMail now! Is there a delay ?? Also, none of the activation emails that are there now did not forward to my work email which I setup forwarding in DH.

Hrmmm… let me register again…

EDIT: I just registered again and it worked. An email was sent to the new member and the admin. The only issue now is that I have forwarding on my DH admin email and that didn’t work (unless there is a delay).

EDIT 2: I sent an email from Gmail to my DH admin email and it forwarded to my work email so forwarding is working. The ISSUE now is why does it not forward when it is sent from a new member when they register in phpBB??


If the email is being forwarded to your work address outside of DreamHost, we may not be able to tell what the issue is. But if you write in to support from your panel, we can check your logs and either verify that it was sent to the outside server, or find that the problem is here on our side.
For EDIT 2: Definitely email our support team with your specific details and we can investigate. :slight_smile:


Thanks Elle. I’ll contact them.